Salt Lake City Optician

Salt Lake City Optician

Finding comfortable eyewear doesn’t need to be difficult. By visiting an optician in Salt Lake City, you will receive facial measurements and a professional fitting for a customized lenses. Stylish lenses shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and those who visit the Spectacle will receive a pair of fashionable eyewear that matches their personality.

Since 1964, John Cottam has designed and engineered custom eyewear. After struggling to find eyewear that was both stylish and comfortable, he set out to make his own. Over the decades he as made eyewear for celebrities such as Elvis, Elton John, Ann-Margret and others! His attention to detail and old-world craftsmanship set John Cottam’s lenses apart from the rest. Those who visit our store Trolley Square will receive a free evaluation. Pick from our wide selection of vintage, custom and brand-name eyewear.

Where to Find Comfortable Eyewear

Unlike an optometrist that takes vision tests and prescribes lenses, and optician takes facial measurements and provides customers with the most comfortable eyewear on the market. Optometrists have an extensive knowledge of the different types of eyewear, and they are up to date with the current styles. Those looking for a comfortable pair of eyewear should schedule a free consultation at the Spectacle.

We will take measurements of your bridge and eye size, along with the temple length, pupillary distance, and optical centers of the eyes. We take your measurements so that any eyewear will fit comfortably on your face. We own a large selection of rare eyewear, and our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to use the thinnest and lightest material to create custom lenses. Stop by Trolley Square to try on the lightest, most comfortable eyewear available on the market. We are open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Custom Eyewear in Salt Lake City

For the last 30 years, John Cottam and his team at the Spectacle have created custom eyewear out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They proudly create high-quality custom eyewear by using their modern in-house equipment. Those who want truly unique eyewear can bring a drawing of their idea to our store at Trolley Square. By using an edger screen and cutting tools, we have full freedom and control of our designs.

For an obligation-free consultation, contact us on our website, or call (801) 359-2020. In addition to custom eyewear, we carry designer brands such as Seraphin, Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Kawasaki, Maui Jim and more! Enjoy wearing comfortable, tailor-fit lenses that fit your persona.

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