Optician vs Optometry

Optician vs Optometry

Opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists all play distinctive roles in providing eye care to consumers. Opticians are technicians that specialize in designing, verifying, and fitting custom eyeglasses. Customers can take their prescription to an optician in order to find a pair of eyeglasses that are comfortable and stylish. Although opticians don’t diagnose or treat visual correction problems, the right optician will match you with a pair of unique, comfortable set of eyewear.

Since 1985, the Spectacle has created custom eyewear, rimless glasses, progressive lenses, and vintage frames. Our founder, John Cottam, has designed custom spectacles for Elvis, Elton John, Ann-Margret, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and many others. We believe that stylish eyewear should be comfortable. New customers will receive an obligation-free consultation where we’ll take measurements and evaluate your optical needs. Check out our website, or call (801) 359-2020.

When Should I Visit an Optician?

When you want to “get your eyes checked,” it’s important to understand the difference between eyecare professionals. Optometrists are healthcare professionals that provide vision care, testing and diagnoses. They conduct eye exams and vision tests to make sure your lens prescription is correct. Optometrists attend four years of optometry school after their bachelor’s degree, and they are trained to diagnose eye diseases, abnormalities, and prescribe corrective lenses.

Those who need surgery on their eyes may visit an ophthalmologist. Otherwise known as an eye M.D., these professionals attend 8 years of medical training so that they can provide surgical eye care and treat eye diseases. Ophthalmologists may also research causes and cures for various vision disorders.

To find the best fitting, most comfortable eyewear, visit your local optometrist. These are technicians that design and fit eyeglass frames and lenses so that customers can have the best range of vision. The Spectacle offers vintage frames for those looking to rock a classic look while also wearing comfortable, form-fitting glasses. We also offer custom lenses for those who want unique, one-of-a-kind glasses that match your personality. Come visit our store at Trolley Square in downtown Salt Lake City.

Find Custom Eyewear in Trolley Square

For the last 30 years, we have operated out of Trolley Square in the heart of Utah. Come visit us for an obligation-free consultation, and we’ll match you with a comfortable set of lenses. For more information about our various lenses, check out our website, or call (801) 359-2020.

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