Unique Styles: 70’s Eyeglasses

Unique Styles: 70’s Eyeglasses

At the Spectacle, we believe life is too short to have boring eyeglasses. People have long been expressing their unique personalities and personas with eyeglasses. From musicians like John Lennon and Elton John to Superman’s Clark Kent and Diana Prince, unique 70’s eyewear has become synonymous with fashion and style.

At the Spectacle we know how to comfortably match distinct and unique eyeglasses with their human counterparts. If you don’t see exactly what you like, our experts can cut your lenses to the exact shape you envision.

Unique 70’s Eyeglass styles for timeless personalities

Have you always wanted to express your unique personality through your eyeglasses? Do you love the look and vibe of vintage 70’s eyewear and want to incorporate that into your personal style? Well, now is your chance! At the Spectacle, we know exactly how to help fit you with the eyeglasses you’ve always longed for. Here are some of the antique 70’s styles we carry at our Trolley Square shop:

  • Wayfarers: Made popular by actors like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean they then became standard fare in the 60’s and 70’s eyewear industry and were then available to everyone. While they began as sunglasses, these frames have become very versatile; coming in many colors, designs and shapes.
  • Bug-eye: Characterized by their large round bug-eye-like lenses, these timeless eyeglasses were made famous by people like Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. This 70’s look can be worn by men or women alike.
  • Horn-Rimmed: Named after the original material used, (tortoise shell) horn-rimmed glasses were made famous in the 50’s by Buddy Holly. They are characterized by thick, dark rimmed frames and are still worn by actors like Woody Allen and Johnny Depp.

While wearing eyeglasses used to be embarrassing and unsightly, the styles that came about in the 70’s infused new life and popularity to eyeglasses. Retro and fun, they can be customized in many shapes and colors to fit your personality and style. At the Spectacle, we specialize in fun and swanky styles and colors. We love what we do and want to share our love of eyeglasses with you.

Come on in to our Trolley Square location today!

The proprietor at the Spectacle, John Cottam, believes, ”Glasses shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable”. In that spirit, every pair of eyeglasses at our shop is custom fit to you providing the utmost comfort and longevity. We bring together comfort and style like no one else in Utah. Come into our Trolley Square shop or call us at 801-359-2020 for your appointment!

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