Vintage Eyeglasses

Fashion is constantly changing, which can start to accumulate in funds were you not the type of person who has loads of money. However, style, style is classic. It doesn’t matter what decade the type of clothing you are wearing is from it will always blend in with the environment you are in, while also giving you the confidence to do what you want without any self-conscious thoughts plaguing your mind. This same method can be applied to the style of glasses you wear and with vintage making a comeback you should take the time to find something stylish and fashionable.

The Spectacle has been assisting people of the Salt Lake City, community for decades and it’s only because our founder wanted to craft glasses capable of actually being comfortable as well as stylish. Obtaining one of the many brands we have available will be the easiest thing you’ll do. We will provide you with all the assistance you’ll need to find the perfect vintage eyewear for you. Look through our brands to see if you find anything or if you want a customized pair of glasses to show-off.

What is Vintage Eyewear?

Vintage Eyewear is typically anything from the 1940s to the 1980s, which is quite a large timeframe but the styles are beautiful nonetheless. Trying to actually find vintage eyewear can be a difficult task. Sure, you can go to vintage shops, but you may have to pay an outrageous fee because they are a one-of-a-kind pair of frames. You will be able to choose between circle frames, eyelash frames, cat style, and many more were you to go to a reputable optician.

Cutsom Vintage Eyeglass Brands

Now, when people think of custom eyeglass frames, they don’t normally associate it with vintage eyewear. However, were you to go the right eyeglasses store, they will be able to make you customized frames while still showing off your vintage look. You can get them in a variety of styles too: wayfarer, cat eyes, rimless, bug-eyed, and browline. There’s nothing stopping you from receiving the perfect pair of frames except your imagination, but we can help you with this as well if you don’t know how to communicate what you are thinking of.

Why Buy Vintage Eyeglasses Online?

There are many reasons as to why you should start buying your eyewear frames from an online distributor. For one, you don’t have to go to the store to find the pair and be pressured into a decision by a pushy salesperson. Additionally, you can save money and time by not transporting yourself across town only to find out there isn’t a pair suitable for your face.

Vintage Eyeglass Frames for Sale

The Spectacle focuses on making frames comfortable for your face, but this doesn’t stop us from selling vintage eyewear glasses at an affordable rate. For instance, you will be able to buy Maui Jims, Ray Bans, Tom Ford Eyewear, Seraphin, Oliver Peoples, Swissflex and many more. Not only that, but we can make customized frames to fit your exact needs.

Buy From The Spectacle Today!

The Spectacle has been around for decades and it’s because we actually put care into crafting our frames. When you decide to go with us for your optical concerns you are choosing to work with people who truly care about your sight and comfort, which is why we are so meticulous when making our frames. Look through our brands to see if you can find anything suitable to your standards or contact us if you need assistance with a customized pair.

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