When it comes to finding the right pair of glasses for your face, it can be a long and annoying journey. You have to visit so many different stores to see if they have something suitable for you and then set-up an appointment for an eye exam. All of this can take time, which you’d rather use doing something more enjoyable. This is one of the reasons why you should stop by an eyewear store with everything in one place; comfort and efficiency.

The Spectacle has been assisting people in the Salt Lake City, Utah, region for over 30 years and we plan on continuing this endeavor for many more years to come. John Cottam was disturbed by how many glasses were uncomfortable to wear, which is why he made it his mission to only serve comfortable frames and brands. Our SwissFlex glasses and sunglasses are some of our most durable pairs to own, which is why we recommend them for everyone to use. Contact us to schedule an eye exam or stop by our store to see our wide assortment of comfortable frames.

Who is SwissFlex?

Since, SwissFlex’s inception decades ago, it has patented and crafted some of the best glasses and frames around. Following Markus Caviezel’s lead and innovative ideas, the company has accomplished a goal after goal after goal. In 1996, both Wilhelm Anger and Markus Caviezel made a novel modular frame system comprised completely of high-tech polymer material.

From there, they crafted some of the best frames to be used for seeing. By 2006, their presence was in over 20 countries where they supplied high-quality frames and glasses for people to use. 12 years later, 2018, SwissFlex was residing in over 50 countries. Their reach knows no bound because they are able to satisfy their customers with astonishing frames.

Why SwissFlex Eyewear?

Looking through our assortment of options, you will quickly see SwissFlex has all kinds of styles for you to choose from. The Spectacle has every kind of trend when it comes to SwissFlex glasses and sunglasses. We have frames suitable for a work environment; glasses perfect for when you are going out on a date; sunglasses crafted to enhance your performance in a bicycling race. You won’t leave our store unsatisfied when it comes to SwissFlex accessories, especially since all of them are placed at a reasonable rate.

The Spectacle Has the Best SwissFlex Options for Eyewear

Just cause you need to wear glasses to see doesn’t mean you should settle for uncomfortable frames. After all, you are going to be wearing these spectacles for an average of 16 hours a day, you might as well obtain something sitting happily on your face. The Spectacle has everything you’ll need to test your eyes and then acquire specs after.

When you come to our store you will see we have almost any kind of style available at various price points. You will not leave the store disappointed, which is why we recommend coming into our store located at 602 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, when you are ready for perfect vision. You can always contact us beforehand to set-up an appointment so you don’t have to wait longer than necessary.


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