Having to wear glasses may seem like a chore you need to do, but it shouldn’t feel like this. Glasses and sunglasses can really sell what you are wearing and show off your own personality. After all, you are going to be wearing these glasses for at least 16 hours of the day, only taking them off to sleep and shower, you should take the time to pick something suitable for your lifestyle. However, you don’t need to expel large volumes of effort accomplishing this when you decide to partner with someone who is reputable in this business.

The Spectacle has been assisting people in the Salt Lake region for decades now. John Cottam opened up his business over thirty years ago and it’s because of his determination for making quality eyewear accessories. We offer all kinds of brands in our store, such as Seraphin, Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples, SwissFlex and much more. As a matter of fact, we will even make custom eyewear based on how your face is framed. Contact us now to schedule your eye exam or to acquire one of the many brands we have available.

Why Wear Ray-Bans?

Ray-Bans have been around for longer than most glasses companies can say for themselves. It was originally made with the pilots of the United States Air Force behind them. Former presidents, like former President Teddy Roosevelt, have worn these kinds of frames. Even notable celebrities have started to wear Ray-Bans during red carpet events. You will not go a day without seeing someone wearing their own personal pair of Ray-Bans.

The sleek design used to craft the sides of the frames allows it to blend in with your face, while also accentuating your facial curves. The materials used to make these glasses and sunglasses have only been fortified since their original creation, which is why they are such a durable pair to own. You will never have to worry about these frames breaking while you wear them because of the quality of the materials used. You will have every one of your outfits empowered when you decide to wear these frames.

Buying Glasses From The Spectacle

The Spectacle understands the importance of having high-quality eyewear, which is why we provide people with the option of affordable eyewear. Looking through our catalog of items you will quickly find something matching your facial structure. However, we can also make customized eyewear if you can’t find something already made. We pride ourselves in the fact we can make all kinds of eyewear, vintage or otherwise.

The Spectacle Has the Best Ray-Ban Options

Being timeless and authentic is something Ray-Ban prides itself in, which matches well with the motto The Spectacle holds. We want to ensure everyone has the ability to wear their perfect frames, which is why we provide them at such affordable rates. You should be able to put on your glasses for the whole day without them interrupting your work or social life. The Spectacle will guarantee you never experience discomfort when wearing them. Contact us to learn more about what we do or give us a call at 801-359-2020 to set-up an appointment for new frames.

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