Maui Jim

Maui Jim

Wearing glasses may seem like a chore to some, considering people usually wear them for at least 16 hours of the day only taking them off for sleep and to bathe. This doesn’t mean you should settle for a pair of frames sitting uncomfortably on your face. You should do your best to find a pair of glasses or sunglasses accentuating your face while also being comfortable to wear throughout the day. This is one of the reasons why it’s encouraged to go to a professional for these kinds of concerns.

The Spectacle has been around for 30 years assisting the Salt Lake City, Utah community with their eyewear concerns. John Cottam was tired of seeing and using all kinds of frames that were uncomfortable to wear, which is why he did his best to create this store for people to flock too. You will be offered all kinds of frames suitable for your lifestyle and outfit choices. Contact us soon to schedule your eye exam appointment and get your first pair of Maui Jims.

Should I Wear Maui Jim’s?

Trying to find the right pair of frames can be an arduous and frustrating task when you don’t know what to look for. This is one of the reasons why you should go to a store focusing on this need. Maui Jim has been making eyewear accessories since the 1980s and it’s only because of their determination for quality frames. It was originally founded in Lahaina, Hawaii, but it has advanced into something so much more.

Normally people who wear these glasses are those who want to show off they like to relax and have fun. However, we have many kinds of frames for you to look through capable of adapting to any lifestyle you possess. As a matter of fact, we have over 125 different styles for you to choose from and can be found in over 100 countries. The sleek and minimal design allows it to be worn in any outfit choice you have.

Wearing Customized Frames

Finding the right pair can be hard to find, especially when you don’t know what to look for. You want to find a pair you like, but it also has to match your facial structure. The Spectacle doesn’t just provide people with a long list of items to choose from, but we also provide people with customized frames. We will craft your perfect pair by meticulously cutting the lenses and beautifully making the frames holding them.

The Spectacle Has All the Frames You’ll Need

The Spectacle has been able to assist people in the Salt Lake City region for over 30 years because of our determination of making high-quality frames. You will be given something perfectly suiting your face and whatever outfit you decide to wear. Contact us now to learn more about us or call us at 801-359-2020 to set-up an appointment for an eye exam.

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