Eyeglasses in Salt Lake City

Those with glasses know that finding quality eyewear can be a challenging endeavor. As you’ll wear them most days, if not every day, you’ll want a pair of glasses that sit comfortably on your face, without falling to the side or sliding down your nose. But since your glasses are visible to everyone you’ll encounter, you also want to ensure they’re a good match for your style and personality.

The Spectacle is proud to offer eyewear to those around Salt Lake City. We understand that unlike clothing or other accessories, you put on your glasses every day. That’s why a comfortable fit is our first priority. But we also want you to find a pair of glasses that you feel will showcase your unique personality. If you’re interested in a new pair of glasses, don’t hesitate to stop by our shop in Trolley Square or contact us today! Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about the types of eyewear we offer.

Types of Eyewear With The Spectacle

Regardless of your taste in eyewear, you’ll likely find something you love here at The Spectacle. If not a name-brand or vintage pair of glasses, we can help customize the perfect glasses for you that are guaranteed to fit comfortably and look great. Here are some of the specific types of glasses we offer at The Spectacle:

  • Top Brands: We’re proud to offer eyewear from some of the most renowned American, European, and Japanese brands. That includes Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Kazuo Kawasaki, Oliver Peoples, 2.5, Swissflex, Maui Jim, and Anglo American Optical. With brands like these, you’ll be sure to find a pair you love.
  • Custom Eyewear: If your tastes don’t align with any of the eyewear above, or if you’re looking for something a little more unique, we also offer custom eyewear in Salt Lake City. We’re able to cut lenses into almost any shape and provide an array of color to your lenses. If you have an idea for custom lenses, simply bring a drawing into our shop and we can work together to create your personalized glasses.
  • Vintage Eyewear: In addition to a large selection of modern eyeglasses, The Spectacle carries a wide variety of vintage eyewear. Vintage eyeglasses have been made in all shapes, sizes, and colors throughout the years. While the world has moved on, many of these eyeglass styles have stood the test of time.

Seeking Eyeglasses in Salt Lake City?

If you have any questions about our brand-name eyewear, vintage eyewear, or custom eyewear, give us a call today at 801-359-2020! Or, find more information about us here.

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