Custom Eyewear

Unlike most of the clothing and accessories filling our closets, eyeglasses are something people wear every day. With that in mind, you want to ensure your glasses are true to your persona and desired style. Many will find what they’re looking for in a pair modern or vintage glasses. For the rest, we at the Spectacle can work with you on a design for your own custom eyewear.

The Spectacle is proud to provide custom eyeglasses to those around Salt Lake City. While we offer an array of quality modern and vintage eyewear, we’re also happy to help you achieve your unique vision for your next set of eyewear. Stop by our Trolley Square shop in person, or give us a call to get started. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about our customization process!

The Lens Customization Process

With the right expertise and technology, you can customize lenses into almost any shape, size, and color. At the Spectacle, we’re proud to be able to bring your unique eyeglass designs to life. Take a look below at our lens customization process:

  • Create Design: To begin the process, bring in a concept or drawing of your desired lenses. We’re able to cut lenses into almost any shape, so don’t shy away from detail! Once you bring in an idea, we’ll help work out a finished design.
  • Edger Screen: Once the design is ready to go, we’ll lay out a symmetrical design in our Edger Screen. Once inputted, this will serve as a map for the custom cutting process.
  • Custom Cutting and Coloring: When the layout is ready to go in the computer, we’ll custom cut the lenses to your desired specifications, then begin the cutting process. When the lenses are cut and colored, we’ll assemble them to the frame, which will be sure to fit comfortably on your face.

Take a look here for more information and some photos detailing our lens customization process!

Seeking Custom Eyewear in Salt Lake City?

If you have a special project in mind for your next pair of glasses, we can help bring your idea into action! Feel free to stop by our shop in Trolley Square, or give us a call at 801-359-2020 for more information!

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